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A kid named Isaac.

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Touch her butt, roll her blunts and tell her that she’s a cutie patootie


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If you only knew

if you only knew that

this heart is growing cold

and this love is fading away.

standing alone in the darkness

with no one to blame

but myself

for all this sorrow and pain

tear after tear bleeding away

i waited and waited

but you never came

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without you


cuz without you

i feel hopeless 

like I’m empty 

and worthless

living without purpose

smoking weed

snorting coke 

doing dope

popping pills

trying to see how

all this shit feels

I’m a lost cause

disregarding everything 

at all cost

not giving a fuck 

trying to stay fucked up 

not caring what it cost

"No relationship is perfect so just find the right one to go through hell and heaven with."


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